Saint Augustine is one of the must see places of 2013
— National Geographic Traveler
Saint Augustine on ‘Best Small Towns’ list for 2013
— Fodor's Travel Guide

Sea Haven Resort offers similar benefits in its weekly or monthly condo rentals. Conceived with relaxing seclusion and natural luxury in mind, Sea Haven Resort covets a gorgeous slice of St. Augustine Beach not easily accessible to the throng of tourists flocking to North Florida’s beaches. Miles of private property with private beach walkovers separate you from the public beaches. The Sea Haven has a private access boardwalk for overlooking the ocean and going to the beach.  


 Wind your way through the lush, tropical landscaping and find yourself lounging beside the resort’s pool, listening to the continual soothing roar of the surf. Leave your window open to the cool, lustrous evening air blowing in off the ocean. During your time here, you’ll learn that softly crashing waves are a sleep aid unlike any other.

Dune Away from Home

The Sea Haven Condo Resort is built to blend beautifully with the rolling dunes of St. Augustine Beach. Fully furnished two and three bedroom condos await you with every convenience of home: washers and dryers in each unit, dishes, dishwashers, and linens. Every condo on the property has at least 2 bathrooms, accommodating you and your family very easily and comfortably. Each condo is individually decorated to ensure that you’ll feel you’ve escaped to a home away from home. The Sea Haven Condominium Resort gives you the opportunity to truly make the shores of historic St. Augustine your home.